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Order now!The busy season coming soon
October 19,2016
Order now!The busy season coming soon
How To Choose Airless Bottle Pump To Contain Your Lotions?
May 12,2017
You can choose as per your wish but it is recommended to get opaque plastic if your lotions are sensitive to light damage.
Top 10 airless pump bottle wholesale suppliers
April 20,2017
Are you looking for airless pump bottle wholesale supplier?
What Makes Airless Bottle Pump Popular?
April 07,2017
Airless bottle pump is a kind of vessel which is used for the storage of something that don’t need air. For most of time, this kind of airless bottle pump is used for cosmetic packaging. Here will introduce what makes airless bottle pump popular especiall
Knowledges for cosmetic packaging material
November 17,2016
All material for cosmetic packaging plastic production is as below: AS;ABS;PP;PE;PET;PCTA;PETG;Acrylic。
Cosmetics packaging related knowledge
October 26,2016
Cosmetics packaging related knowledge
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