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Airless bottle pump keeps contaminants and bacteria out

Finger is the number one cause of a product becoming contaminated. Airless bottles are designed with an airless system with a stem but they do not use tubes. With a collar, lid, and base, the pumps use a pressure system that lifts the product up from the bottom. They work best a variety of formulations, from thin serums to thick creams.

Our airless bottles help keep contaminants and bacteria out of various products and materials you are using. The containers we provide are availed at varied sizes and include a dropper bottle with tamper evident lid. The acrylic airless bottle pumps function best with liquids to thin creams, while the colored glass protects your formulations from light. There are other various types of containers as well.

Acrylic Airless Bottle: Transparent acrylic bottles can be used for lotions and home-made perfumes while the translucent ones can be used for any of your liquid beauty products like lotion, cream, home-made perfume, oil, etc. It works with a wider pump which offers give a better presentation and it also has a superior actuator. You can find acrylic airless jars in our website which is great for creams and powders especially.

Acrylic Airless Bottle

PP Airless Bottle: This airless bottle is in double-layer structure which combines product compatibility with aesthetics to form a high performance luxurious packaging system. It has the filling in inner PP bottle and SAN outer to look attractive to keep in your dressing table. Help keep your organic skin care formulations stay airtight, for a longer lasting product. They are made to perform well with liquids, thick creams and everything in-between.

PP Airless Bottle

Airless bottle pump is suitable for cream products that must be avoiding oxidation, our company offer bulk products for different brands as well. The products are very popular in luxury skin care cosmetic products.

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