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How To Choose Airless Bottle Pump To Contain Your Lotions?

Airless bottle is an all purpose bottle to keep your lotions, shampoos and conditioners, away from air during travel or at any place. It is an air travel friendly bottle which can be sized in different sized and designed as refillable bottles with a convenient pump dispenser.

Now the airless bottle can be translucent, transparent or solid color, there are ample amount of options in the texture of the airless bottle pump. You can choose as per your wish but it is recommended to get opaque plastic if your lotions are sensitive to light damage. You can also get them in glass, either clear or frosted, again as per your choice.

Choosing the right airless bottle pump is very crucial as there are several thing to keep in mind. Like mentioned above, an opaque plastic for lotions is the right kind of bottle it requires. Now, if you are choosing a bottle to contain your shampoo and conditioner, since these are more slippery and loose, you will need another type of bottle.


The ranges of these bottles can be varied as usage, size, texture and many other factors to consider. They are well known in the market for offering a great service especially during travel times. You can find them widely available on our website and depending on your application, we can even suggest the right one for you.

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