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How Important Is Airless Bottle Pump In Cosmetic Packaging?

It might surprise you to learn that the most expensive ingredient in high street cosmetics and skincare products is not some rare musk oil or new-fangled peptide it is probably the bottle it is being sold in. Granted, pound for pound the rare ingredient may cost more than gold but the product you are buying will only include a tiny amount, probably way less than 1%.

If we look at the way people buy, ignoring the huge advertising and marketing budgets, it is how the product looks, the feel of the product in the hand and how it smells - all factors weighed up by a potential customer, consciously or unconsciously, before the decision is made to buy. And don't think just because a product is natural, organic or ethically sourced you can sell it in a recycled airless bottle pump, most customers don't think that way.

Airless bottle pump can prevent contaminants getting into the container to extend product life one opened. Airless bottle pump also provides protection for the product, from physical damage but also the harmful effects of UV light. And finally a box will enhance that all important sexy 'unwrapping experience' essential for the premium product range. Choosing airless bottle pump for your skincare and cosmetics products can be the difference between commercial failure and a run-away success.

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We have an in-depth understanding of aspects of packaging design and we work with suppliers for around the world to source high quality packaging materials that meet our stringent performance and budget requirements. Our main products are: vacuum coating, vacuum pump, spray pump, foam pump, lotion pump, (gel water, toilet water, hair gel) nozzle wrapper classes, etc., at the same time we provide perfect OEM/ODM service, providing customers with design and production of all kinds of products, the company products are exported to Korea, Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries.

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