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The vacuum plating is a physical deposition phenomena that when the argon gas is injected under the vacuum position, its argon gas will hit the target, then the target material goods will separate into molecules, conductive to form a layer of smooth surface.

Vacuum plating can be divided into several aspect, such as General vacuum plating, UV vacuum plating, Special vacuum plating. 

Its Process is including evaporation, sputtering, gun color.

The heat-resistant for PC material is 130 degrees, only "vacuum plating + UV light solid" can reach 130 degrees. And the  water electroplating can not be electroplating on the PC material .

The characteristics of the vacuum plating is as below:

1 > vacuum coating of metal film layer is very thin (usually 0.01 ~ 0.01 um), able to replicate the shape of the surface of the parts.

2 > It is very easy to operate cause the working voltage (200 v) is not high. At the same time, its equipment is more expensive.

3 >  The volume for evaporation pan bottle is small, low production efficiency and products.

4 > Only for the metal that lower than the melting point of tungsten metal (such as aluminum, silver, copper, gold, etc.)

5 >High quality requirements for the  plated ware, usually need to plating oil before electroplating to make up for the defects.

6 > A variety of plastic can be plating by the vacuum coating , such as: ABS, PE, PP, PVC, PA, PC, PMMA, etc. 

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