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PET character ,advantage and manufacturing flow

PET is a milky white or yellow crystalline polymer, surface smooth and glossy. Creep resistance, fatigue resistance, friction resistance and good dimensional stability. wear small ,high hardness ,has the largest of thermoplastics toughness ,Good electrical insulating performance, affected by temperature is small ,but the corona resistance is poor . Non-toxic, good weather resistance,chemical resistance stability ,bibulous rate is low,resistance to dilute acid and organic solvents,but not hot water immersion,not aikail resistance.

 1. PET advantages:

1.1 have good mechanical properties, impact strength is 3 ~ 5 times of other films, the folding resistance.
1.2 oil, fat, resistance to dilute acid, dilute alkali resistant, resistant to most solvents.

1.3 gas and water vapor permeability is low, have excellent resistance odor gas, water, oil, and performance.
1.4  High  transparency , can block ultraviolet light, good gloss.
1.5 non-toxic, tasteless, good health security, can be directly used in food packaging.

2. PET  injection blowing process: 


2.1 bottle preform
Preparation of blow molding bottle, the first will be PET chip for bottle preform injection molding, it requires that the secondary recovery ratio cannot be too high (below 5%), the recycling number cannot exceed twice, and low molecular weight and viscosity can't (molecular weight 31000-50000, characteristic viscosity of 0.78-0.85 cm3 / g).

2.2 bottle blowing molding
This phase is to have been preheated bottle preform (embryo) is ready to blow mold, for its high pressure gas. Blow the bottle preform (germ) to form the bottle.
Automatic bottle blowing machine through the operation of the manipulator will bottle blowing two operations together to  complete, from the middle of artificial will be preheated bottle preform in the blow mold process. Greatly  accelerated the rate of production.

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