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PP Airless Bottle - Maintain The Integrity of Preservative-free Items

The decision of making an airless bottle wasn't a spontaneous choice for some brand advertisers these days. These companies needed to block oxygen in order to maintain the integrity of any preservative-free items. The act was with regards to the brand's commitment to trade medical and cosmetic products, yet it likewise empowered the brand name to position itself well in the result of new regulations. Now airless bottles are seen in all kind of cosmetic products. This makes easy for the user to pour out exact amount at a time.

Many companies are releasing items with no preservatives, thereby producing formulations very much sensitive to contamination. In the meantime, older people have requested an ever increasing number of advanced formulations to fight the signs of ageing. These formulas have a tendency to use sensitive ingredients, which likewise include the protective cover with a pump by an airless container.

5ml 10ml 15ml PP AS double tube airless lotion pump bottle with cap

Airless technology provides exclusive benefits to various brands and an additional advantage against traditional containers. The main difference between airless bottles and tradition one is that there is no dip tube in airless but instead a diaphragm that comes up to evacuate the product or a pump that easily bring out the product in exactly quantity. This is also a great marketing guide besides for packaging and designing that is sustainable with less amount of product wastage. A controlled dosage of the product is also an important benefit of moving towards pp airless bottle. It offers hygienic benefits as well. The need for more hygienically packaging these days is also a great driver, as once the product is expelled it cannot be returned back.

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