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Silkscreen, make ur products more beautiful

Printing is using the extrusion from the scraper to transfer the ink into the substrates via the mesh of graphic parts, then make the pictures is the same as the original graphic. 

Silkscreen equipment is easy operation, simple and low cost, strong adaptability. Screen printing is wide range of application. common prints are :color paintings, posters, business cards, book covers, product tags, printing brands and dyeing textiles, etc.   

For the plastic packaging products, Customers usually use this process to make their goods more beautiful and elegant. Like the BB case, airless bottle and PET bottle, almost all cosmestic packaging production will have silkscreen. we usually use the silkscreen to print customers’ logo. It only cost 0.15-0.2RMB per color, very favorable that can reduce the cost of customer.   

It is also very easy to make this process, 10 thousand pieces of bottles generally can be finished by 0.5-1days. Moreover, u never need to worry the quality, to make sure its quality, such as color losing, we will use UV oil after printing to consolidate.   

We pose some picture of silkscreen for ur reference.

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