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A quote and pricing for foam pump bottle

Here is a quote and pricing for foam pump bottle from United States. What cosmetic containers are you interested in?

Product: 100ml 120ml 150ml 200ml Cosmetic Plastic Soap Foam Pump Bottle

Country: United States

Quote: Hello I need a quote and pricing for a rush order: 1000-1500 rush 100ml Foam pump in white or clear bottle with cap. (3 parts total per plastic bottle)

For now we can only order 1000 -1500 units of the 100 ml clear, white or black foam pump bottles with cap (3 pieces for bottle) without artwork at this time because the bottles we currently use leak when they are shipped. 

For rush quote 1000-1500 please email pictures and all details, description shipping etc no artwork needed for this order. 

Do you have a referral in US that purchases foam botles from you now so I can call and ask questions about shipping, leaking, filling? The bottles we use now leak around pump area. 

We make sunless tanning products so it destroys shipment. Do you have any feedback, suggestions or help when filling and packaging to ship 2-12 per box? Can you give me size and quote for 12 unit boxes too if you supply? 

After I get rush quote I also need another for  

Quote for shipping time/costs for The 3 sizes, color options etc., that we currently have. 

We use white and clear now, we are adding new product so black bottles and always open to other suggestions or new products. I am looking for a long term business relationship and researching a few other companies as well. I really appreciate your time. 

Colors: White, Black or clear

Silkscreen costs for white or black bottles. 

We need samples of the bottles first, so if we place the rush order, will you include samples?

Cosmetic Plastic Soap Foam Pump Bottle

Our main products are: vacuum coating, vacuum pump, spray pump, foam pump, lotion pump, (gel water, toilet water, hair gel) nozzle wrapper classes, etc., at the same time we provide perfect OEM/ODM service, providing customers with design and production of all kinds of products, the company products are exported to Korea, Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries, and with several well-known enterprises at home and abroad to establish cooperative relations. Pls feel free to contact us: manager@ahpackaging.com

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