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Advantages of Airless Bottles

Airless bottle is super hot in skincare and cosmetics field now for certain advantages:

First, it creates a vacuum environment, which keep skincare and cosmetic products from exposing in the air and keep the products save without having any bad reaction with air.

Second, no dip tube. This design causes no any waste of cosmetic products. Usually skincare and cosmetic products are very expensive, and customers are not willing to waste a drop of it.

Third, many materials are for your options. We have PP airless bottle, acrylic airless bottle and aluminum airless bottles. You can choose the type you want.

Guangzhou Xingyuan Plastic Manufacturer Co.,LTD. - Ahpackaging, it is a professional plastic cosmetic packaging products company which includes researching and developing, producing, marketing. Most cosmetic industry suppliers come to them for the purchasing of airless bottle pump because of the above advantages. If you have any interest, welcome to visit to:http://www.ahpackaging.com/

Ahpackaging - Guangzhou Xingyuan Plastic Manufacturer Co.,LTD Professional Cosmetic Packaging Manufacturer
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