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Airless bottle pump: solution to cosmetic industry

Do you know we are poisoned in the cosmetic industry? Well these days thankfully there are inspections held on the packaging departments as well but yet there is still a chance where your product will poison eventually. No, we are not talking about they are offering bad products but the exposure to air can make them poisonous. How to find a solution to that?

Nowadays, the cosmetic industry are switching to airless bottles for varied products to retain their quality. The airless pump bottles pull a vacuum which allows the elevator piece to lift the product up to be evacuated. These allow more products to be evacuated without having to be in contact with the product. 

Airless bottle pump is affordable for cosmetic industry and it will retain the quality for their good. These are popularly used for higher end products but in case, someone is interested to use it for other purpose, these bottles will serve the purpose as well. It costs more than your standard pump bottles but it features much higher credibility as well. Also the greater product evacuation of the bottle helps the consumer get more product out of the container.

30ml,50ml, 100ml Plastic AS Men Face Moisture Cream Airless Lotion Bottle

The product is dispensed through a dip tube with standard pump bottles, though with airless pumps you will typically see over 90% evacuation rates depending on the package contents. Being a company to provide these incredible products, we are tied to our strategy of combining contract with a very strong overseas sourcing organization. We have an extensive custom product design capability as we own a team with design and packaging engineers. Our team is regarded as the best team because they have many years of experience and research in creating stylish, high value and customized products.

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