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Four Advantages of Airless Bottle Pump

With skincare products in jars and bottles which can be opened, repeated direct contact with the contents in them, it can become very unhealthy to use the products in such manner. When you always keep on dipping your finger into content plus repeated exposure of the contents to air, it may cause contamination. The main reason for the popularity of any airless bottle in cosmetic industry is their scope of customization. 

Prevents Contamination 

The designers ensure the content has no contact with the air outside and it can be preserved for a longer time. Instead of inner metal spring for the pump in a conventional bottle, airless bottle pump uses an outer metal spring to keep away the skincare product from direct contact of the metal. 

Zero Wastage 

Get every bit from your bottle with zero wastage, as product will not get stuck in the dip-tube or around the opening valve. This makes it much easier to bring along on the go or for travel. 

Extends Shelf Life

Since everything is done to enhance and extend the shelf life of a product, there are plenty of options to customize the design and make airless bottle suitable for use. The oxidation level is totally minimized which is the main reason for keeping the cosmetic products from quick deterioration. 

Prevents Spills 

Airless bottle pump is leak proof and tamper proof which makes it much easier to ship and travel with. These bottles have a small hole in the base and that enables air to enter the space underneath the plate and help to push it upwards. 

Now, you can keep skincare products in airless bottle pump that can be repeatedly opened. Also, buyers can actually specify the kind of bottles they need. These bottles help in containing these products to keep from air exposure.

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