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Have You Ever Tried Syrup Pump?--XINGYUAN

Usually dispenser pump is for lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and other skincare and cosmetics products. Have you ever heard it is used for food? Or have you ever used a dispenser pump for food. There is a kind of dispenser that is uesd for food: food grade dispenser pump. But not all dispensering pump can be uesd for food. Only in the condition that the pump is make of food grade PP material can the pump be used for food. Generally, food grade pump also called syrup, is designed for wine, syrup, jam, juice, coffee and so on. Is often used in hotel, coffee shop, and resturants because it is convenient for them to control how mach they will get one time. 

We can offer syrup pumps in different dosages: 5ml -30cc.

Welcome inquiry for more details and samples to test. Free samples will be sent with freight collect.

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