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How much do you know about airless bottle pump?

Why is it called airless bottle pump?

1. Airless bottle pump is leak proof and tamper proof, reducing product wastage.

2. Airless bottle pump protects the product to preserve their shelf life. Since the products are oxygen sensitive and preservative-free products, being minimal backflow of air into the bottle when dispensing the product helps.

3. Airless bottle pump provides a precise application of product. It can dispense product just as well when held at an angle as they do when upright.

4. The pump dispenser nozzles can be designed in a range of styles with sleek and modern appearance against the traditional dip tube pumps.

5. They are safe for shipping as it does not require extra internal pressure to dispense products.

How does airless bottle pump work?

When the airless bottle pump is pressed, a vacuum is created, so while the air is forced out of the bottle, the product comes out with it. This process is assisted with the help of a plate which sits beneath the product. This simultaneously pushes it upwards as the vacuum pulls it upwards.

The airless bottle pump is made of an outer metal spring, thus keeping sensitive skincare product from directly contacting the metal. You can keep skincare products in these bottles that can be opened and repeatedly opened. Repeated direct contact with the contents in them, such as finger dipping into content plus repeated exposure of the contents to air, may cause contamination. These bottles help in containing these products because it keeps the air exposure to the minimal extent.

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