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Inquiries of Acrylic Airless Bottles from US

Here are inquiries of Acrylic Airless Bottles, Plastic Lotion Bottles, Plastic Foam Pump from United States clients. What bottles are you interested in?

1. Product: 30ml 60ml 80ml 100ml plastic cosmetic packaging bottle

Inquiry: Hello, I was looking at purchasing the 60ml plastic cosmetic packaging bottle with foam pump (Item # ST0063). Our first run would be 5000 pcs, in black. Subsequent orders would be 10,000 and above once happy with the product. Please email me a price breakdown and usual turn around time from time of payment/order.

2. Product: Double-tubes 50ml wholesale round cream acrylic airless bottle

Inquiry: Samples, cost and info for these with 3 sizes. Will a sunless tanning mousse work in these bottles? Would like info MOQ to hot stamp silver bottle with gold (one color). 

cream acrylic airless bottle

3. Product: 50g Round Lid Double-layer Cream Jar acrylic airless bottle

Acrylic Round Lid Double-layer 1.06OZ airless face cream jars

High quality plastic lotion bottle 50ml 100ml 120ml

20ml Acylic eye cream airless bottle Double-tubes

Double-tubes 50ml wholesale round cream acrylic airless bottle

Inquiry: I would like to inquire about samples of the Airless bottles, jars and double tube containers that are listed above. My company is interested in switching our current packaging to use airless bottles and jars, which we hope will prolong the shelf life of our products that are more sensitive to air, such as our creams with Vitamin C. We would like to test our products in the packaging,  in order to see which packaging we would like to use. Thank you greatly for you help.

Acylic eye cream airless bottle

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