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Inquiries of Cosmetic Packaging Set & Cosmetic Jars

Here are inquiries of Cosmetic Packaging Set & Cosmetic Jars from Morocco, United Kingdom, Netherlands clients. What cosmetic packaging products do you need?

1. Country: Morocco

Product: 15ml 25ml 50ml Full Set Acrylic Cosmetic Packaging Bottle

Inquiry: Hi, Im from Morocco, i want a free samples for testing. Thanks

2. Country: United Kingdom

Product: 67mm Round PET cream jars

Inquiry: I am interested in the small size jar 5ml, white lid with white liner, clear base with 1 pass white silkscreen. MOQ for quote is 500K / 1 million / 2 million units. I can provide a spec by email if you give me your email address.

3. Country: Netherlands

Product: 30g 50g Ball Type Jars Acrylic Cosmetic Packaging set

Inquiry: Dear all, hereby I would like to order 10 sets of TYPE Jars Acrylic. we are busy to create exclusive line and for that line we are now looking for the best material. can you please let me know if we can order sample, if yes just let me know how much. Thank you.

Acrylic Cosmetic Packaging Tube set

Our main products are: vacuum coating, vacuum pump, spray pump, foam pump, lotion pump, (gel water, toilet water, hair gel) nozzle wrapper classes, etc., at the same time we provide perfect OEM/ODM service, providing customers with design and production of all kinds of products, the company products are exported to Korea, Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries, and with several well-known enterprises at home and abroad to establish cooperative relations. Pls feel free to contact us: manager@ahpackaging.com

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