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Many different usages of foam pump with silicone brush and PP comb

Since foam pump was created, it has been popular for many years. It becomes more and more famous because it helps users save their time and save their skincare and cosmetic products. Nowadays, with the different requirements on the foam pump, several new foam pumps came out: foam pump with silicone brush and foam pump with hard PP comb. There are many different usages of them: face washing, hair dying, shoe washing and Pet body washing.

Usages of the foam pump with silicone brush: facial washing and massage and shoe washing.  Our silicone brush is make up from imported silicone, which is in very good quality. And our brush is very soft. Therefore there will be no warry about our brush will harm your face when it touches your face. What's more, it has the function of massage. You can deeply clean your skin and at the same time massage your skin. I am sure you will fall in love with this product and feel uncomfortable without it. On the other hand, our silicone brush foam pump can be used for washing shoes. Usually most shoe brush are make of common plastic. The texture is not soft, so it will be easy to creat scratches on the shoe when people use it to clean shoe. But silicone brush will not harm shoes. That's why some people choose our silicone brush.

Usages of the foam pump with PP comb: hair dying and Pet body washing. Hair dying is super hot right now. To make a good hair color, you need a good tool to do hair dying. Foam pump with a comb is a perfect option. First of all, dying foam will help you dye faster and avoid the dying product dyes your head skin. With comb, you can dye your hair more fluently.

We have other type comb foam pump: oval comb and square comb. Both are used in pets body washing. They also have the function of massage. Pets will love massaging and enjoy showering with our comb pump. Pets bady washing will be no more difficult. More and more pet owners will prefer to use comb foam pump.

Here is the pic of our brush and comb foam pump for your reference. Welcome to contact us for more details and samples.

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