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New Arrival 30mm Foam Pump with PP comb Brush launched in AH Packaging

There are so many foam pumps now which are widely used all over the world for the reason that foam pumps offer more convinience and better feeling after using.  Typically, most of poam soap dispensing pumps are with a regular actuator and an over cap or plastic stopper. Or a silicon brush on the actuator with an over cap or plastic stopper. The silicon brush faoam pump is popular in facial washing as the silicon brush is soft, having the functions of massaging and cleaning. We have hard soft brush pump, why not have a hard one? Therefore we produce a foam pump  hard comb brush. 

The neck size of the dispenser pump with a hard comb brush is 30mm. And it is very economic and environment-friendly. 

As the comb brush is PP material, a really comb, hard enough, it can be used in combing hair, which offers more convinience. According to the market, it is hot in hair washing, particularly in pet bady washing.

 Foaming pump with a comb brushi is ideal for a business.

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