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New design 3cc output big foam pump shown in Canton Fair

Good news! Big dosage foap 3CC pump will show on Canton Fair. Usually foam pump has normal dosage from 0.4cc to1.5cc, these dosages are too small for some buyers. Now we have bigger output 3cc. 

The neck size of the 3cc liquid dispenser is 60mm. Usually it matches 450ml and 750ml plastic bottle. And ther color of it can be customized. In other words, except the appearance, neck size and the output, the 3cc dosage foam soap pump is the same as those in small dosage.

The biggest advantages of this dispenser are economical and environment-friendly and recyclable. It is usually used in hand washing liquid, body cleanser, shampoo, body wash etc, particularly widely used in family-size washing, baby and pet body cleanser now.

Therefore, 3cc foaming pump is in a huge market.

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