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The requirements of the foam pump to liquid

Foaming soap pump is very popular in cosmetic and skincare field, because it provides much convinence and feeling after using. And it has been sold all over the world. This kind of dispenser is a really good packaing, but if you use it in a wrong way, it will be not good for you. There are several points that users should know.

Firstly, there should not be any impurities in the liquid which will be put into the pump bottle. For the reason that any impurity will block off the filter screen in the foaming pump. Then the pump will be broken.

Second, the liquid can not be viscous and it will be perfect if its density is close to water's density. The reason is the same as the first. If the liuqid is only slightly viscous, the liquid sample should be sent to the manufacturer. Then the manufacturer will adjust the stucture of the pump to get the foaming effect.

Third, there must be foaming material in the liquid. If not, no foaming and it becomes meaningless to use foaming pump.

If your product fail to meet these requirements, we do not recommend foaming pump to you.

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